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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Richard!

Be sure that you are working on your local drive

If it’s just this file, you may want to start fresh and 
import into a new project.

If you are having problems across multiple files with Storyline in general,then you may want to 
check this out for assistance.

Or you could always 
send us your file for us to have a look at.


Hopefully one of these will helpyou out!

Victoria Aleman

In case anyone else has this same issue, I discovered after importing my project into another Storyline file and the text still didn't change on the slides after making Master Slide adjustments, if the font increases because of bolding or enlarging the font size, there will be no change unless the size of the text box itself is enlarged.  When I made the text box larger to accommodate the modified text, wha-la!  The change occurred on the slides using that Master slide.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Victoria -- So great of you to share the solution you discovered here for others who come across this thread! And as the original poster, Richard, may no longer be subscribed to this thread, you are also welcome to reach him directly by using the 'Contact Me' link on his profile page to ensure he sees your reply. :)