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Chandi Jaya

I have a Storyline3 file with around 80 slides with custom menu navigation.1 - 6 is the menu.  (main topics in this module Each topic has many slides.  

For E.g. from this slide (topic 2, slide no. 6) when I go to topic 1 from menu, I want to directly come back to Topic2, slide6. 

I should be able to bookmark any slide in this file.

How can I do this?









Daniel Servan

Hi Chandi,

How about adding a Variable for your Bookmarked Slides and jump to that slide when a condition is True?

Let say, a variable is myBookmark = "10" // for slide 10
Then on a specific slide, check your bookmark variable if there is a value and add a trigger to jump to bookmarked slide which is Slide 10.

Jeff Forrer

Hello, I am trying to accomplish this as well. 

I have used JS to build a list of the bookmarked pages in SL, but not sure how I would go about jumping to a slide in that list once shown.  If my course is 70 slides, I would not want to make 70 buttons and toggle them based on if they are bookmarked (another solution). 

I need to add a hotspot or link to or way to jump to the page in the list I have created, which is essentially a variable containing all of the bookmarked pages (using a button to set) based on Menu.SlideTitle, however figuring out which line (page in the variable list), they click on is not possible. 

Back in the day, Authorware had a var LineClicked which would be helpful here ;0)

Looking for other ideas! Thanks.