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natalie b

From my experience you will need to use images and put a hyper link straight to the course on the image to link to the course to make it abit more visual. We have the same issue everything is hyper links. If you use the dynamic object and add course link. If someone else has loaded the course not yourself you will either need them to advise the link or get a link to a course you have loaded and change the number at the end to point to the correct course. Confusing i know! 

Sarah  Newsom

Thanks Natalie,  we actually aren't putting them in courses, we are putting the PDFs right on a learn center page like the job aids for Oracle.  We ended up just listing them as questions and when you click, the book opens.  On one page, we created bookcovers to sit on the page.  The problem ended up being that when you attempt to upload, you have to choose the file type as other instead of HTTP which is what we were selecting.


Thanks for reaching out!