Bookmark after successful Assessment attempt directs to 'failed' result screen

hello, i have an issue when i relaunch the course after passing the assessment. when i revisit the course and say 'yes' to bookmark pop up, course shows me the 'failed result' page, when i have passed the assessment in the previous session. below is the flow to make things clear: 

review all screens --> take assessment --> pass assessment --> exit course --> launch course --> bookmark pop up --> 'Yes' --> course shows 'failed result' page

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Michael Bauer

Hi Vivek

I had a super quick look at your Storyline file. I can't replicate it as it isn't in the LMS, but a suggestion that I can make is rather than Success and Failure layers, make them two different slides. Just change the two variables:

  • From Show layer Success when ... to Jump to slide 1.4 Success
  • From Show layer Failure when ... to Jump to slide 1.5 Failure

This way, the learner will never 1.4 so can't close the course on that slide. Plus when they return to the course, if you click Yes at the prompt it will return you to either 1.4 Success or 1.5 Failure.

I hope I have understood your issue ... and hope you understand my idea :)

Louise Lindop

Hi Vivek,

On each of your question slide in your question bank, set the properties to resume to saved state. You'll see a thread about it here.

I tested your file on an LMS after changing these settings and it all worked as you'd expect.


Bhumija S


I'm facing an issue where a learner scored well above passing score, but the Failed result layer showed up. I'm attaching the screenshot they sent. The course uses a question bank, and I read the thread on Resumed State property on question bank slides. But since this is slightly different issue, I wanted to ask if this specifically has been faced by anyone. This has been reported only by 1 learner so far, so yes, pretty random. The learner took the course in 1 session, though they seem to have spent 3.5 hours on a half hour course. 


Katie Riggio

Hi, Bhumija. I'd love to help you solve this mystery!

A few questions to start us off:

  • Is the incorrect Failed layer only appearing for that 1 learner, or are you able to recreate the behavior during your test?
  • What browsers did they use to view the content?
  • Are you comfortable with sharing the .story file for testing? That way, I can publish the course on my end and test it in SCORM Cloud–a free, industry-standard testing LMS tool!
Bhumija S

Hi Katie, sorry for the long pause. 

It appeared for 1 learner earlier, and now we have another such case. No, I was not able to recreate it during my test. This is a randomly occurring issue. 

They're using Microsoft Edge browser. 

I can't share the scorm package, unfortunately. 

I missed adding that they're using Sharepoint to host the course, not a regular LMS. 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Bhumija!

Not to worry, you can troubleshoot with SCORM cloud too! Here's how to do this!

First, test the course in SCORM cloud to see if you are noticing the same error. This will help us nail down whether it's an LMS issue or something in the course itself.

Keep us updated so that we can continue troubleshooting!