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May 26, 2020

Hi Support Team,

I am a web developer and I am working on the one of my clients project he has storyline360 installed on his system he is every time saying that I (client) have applied "Prompt to resume" so let off functionality should be work.

I have created a course of three slide every slide have only "test1, test2 test3" text only.

But when I apply "Prompt to resume" LMS does not send course location number, every time it send suspend data

I am using SCORMAPI2004 4th edition

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Kalyan,

Thank you for reaching out!

To make sure I am on the same page, is the course not resuming as expected in the LMS? The prompt to resume feature uses the LMS to hold onto the data that tells Storyline where to start the course when it's revisited.

The suspend_data element for a Storyline SCORM course tells the LMS where you leave off when you exit the course and lets you resume the course later in the same place without having to start over.

If you are hitting a snag with the resume feature, this resource provides some solutions that I think will help: 

Please let us know if you have any questions! We are happy to help.

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