Bookmark navigation button on master slide storyline 2

Hi there, 

1. Is there any option by which I can place a bookmark ( visited state) on buttons placed on layers on the Master Slide.

2. Can I create a trigger to bookmark a button based on this request.

"Change the state of " <button 1> "to visited" <when user> "completes" <section 1>  


"Change the state of " <button 1> "to visited in the master slide" <when user> "completes" <section 1>





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Matthew Bibby

Yes, but you can't communicate directly with the buttons that are on the master slide, so what you do is:

  • Set a trigger on the master slide that changes the state of the button when a variable changes
  • Set your trigger on your normal slide to adjust the variable, rather than interact with the button directly

Does that make sense?