Bookmark (prompt to resume) not working

Aug 14, 2013


Here's the situation:

We've produce two modules using Storyline for a client. The client uses a SABA lms. The output option is AICC (and has to be). The publish settings are the same for both modules.

One module prompts the user to resume when returning and the other one doesn't. We'd like both to prompt.

That's about all I know - unfortunately I won't we able to send projects for review. 

Do you know why this could be or if there's anything I can do to resolve this.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andy,

Since you mentioned checking the settings on each module and that they're set the same, have you tried to load the module that is not resuming into SCORMCloud to see if it's something within the file or something happening on the side of your LMS? I'm not familiar with issues within SABA, but I've seen a lot of community responses related to it, so I suspect they'll chime in too. 

Andy Houghton

Thanks Ashley

Does SCORMCloud work with AICC files - I haven't used it before?

One thing I forgot to mention is that the Module works OK on our bespoke LMS, when the client logs onto our LMS it also works, so it looks like it's something to do with Storyline and SABA.

I've seen posts and fixes with SABA e.g. completion so I'm hoping there'll be a fix for this too.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andy,

It does - you just need to follow these directions for publishing. 

Thanks for the additional info about it working on your LMS, you mentioned how SABA deals with completion differently, but I haven't seen anything about resume. I'll keep my eyes peeled, and see if the community has anything else to share. 

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