Bookmarking and Completions in Storyline

Apr 08, 2016

Hello All,

I've been trying to assist a client with a course issue.

Our client has built a simple course (no quiz) with approximately 25 slides.  The course has bookmarking enabled.   The bookmarking works fine, but we are seeing inconsistencies with completions.   I believe the completion is based on viewing all slides.

For example, I can click through the course and exit midway - slide 10.   When I launch the course again and click YES to RESUME course, I begin on Slide 11 and continue through the course, viewing the remaining slides.   In this scenario, I do not get a completion.

If I relaunch the course, start from Slide 1 and view all slides (in one session).  I get a completion.   I feel like the logic is not recognizing that I viewed all slides because they were viewed in two separate sessions (via bookmarking).

Is there another setting I should advise our client to use in conjunction with viewing all slides or is this behavior by design?

Thanks in advance.





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Christie Pollick

Hi, Dena -- Thanks so much for reaching out and so sorry to hear of your difficulties! If you can confirm that you are following the steps listed here for Changing the Resume Behavior, may I ask if you are finding the same behavior when you test your published output in the intended environment, as well? And assuming you are using an LMS, are you seeing the same in the SCORM Cloud, as that is the recommended environment for LMS testing?

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