Bookmarking and Limiting Quiz Re-takes in Storyline 2

Hi to all the Heros!

I'm working with a client (who has been the source of most of my unique requests) from whom we are building a unique curriculum. Essentially, existing learners within the org will take re-current training based on their personal measurement of knowledge.

We will do this by creating a module with multiple scenes, each representing a knowledge area with graded questions. After each scene, a hidden results slide will determine if the learner mastered that specific section. At the end of the entire assessment, a learning map will appear with icons representing success and need to take. These will be driven by the hidden results slides within each scene. Each icon will be hyper-linked to the appropriate course within the LMS. The client would like the learner to return to this assessment module as needed but only be able to complete the assessment questions once. Thus my ask to the community is to determine that once a learner has completed the assessment, lands on the learning map and exits the course.......can the learner be prohibited from re-taking the course and essentially be routed to the learning map on any subsequent re-visits. I'm led to believe there is a way to pull this off.................Thanks, Paul

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