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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Janelle.  Let me see if I can help!  It sounds like your course is also not resuming after exiting and revisiting.

  • What are resume settings in your Player Properties window?
  • Is your course hosted in an LMS?  Rarely, the suspend data limit (how much info the LMS can hold onto) can be exceeded, and that can cause issues with resuming.
  • Can you confirm what version of Storyline you’re using?  Go to Help > About Storyline.  

Those answers will give us somewhere to start digging!

Janelle Edgemon

Resume setting is Prompt to resume on restart.

We host our content on premise but deliver it through SuccessFactors LMS. All of our content is published as AICC, so I'm not sure the suspend data limits apply since only SCORM is listed. Of note - we are only experiencing the issue in Chrome. Bookmarking is working as expected in Internet Explorer 11. Those are our two primary browsers.

I am working from Presenter 360 v 8.17.16188.0

Thank you for the quick reply.


Crystal Horn

Thanks, Janelle, for following up!  I made a quick mockup with Presenter 360, published for AICC and hosted it on SCORM Cloud.  Resuming worked as expected for me in Chrome - I exited the course, and upon returning, I was prompted to resume.  When I did, I was returned the last slide I viewed.

Here are some next steps to take:

  • Test my output in your instance of Chrome to see if resuming is working for you there.
  • Upload your course to SCORM Cloud, and compare the resume behavior in Chrome when your course is hosted in that environment.  Here's some help for testing AICC content in SCORM Cloud.
  • If you're seeing issues when the course is hosted in SCORM Cloud, please share the link to your course, the version of Chrome you're using, and a link to this discussion with our support engineers.  We'll keep your content private and be able to more specifically troubleshoot what's happening!

    If your course resumes in SCORM Cloud, give that information to SuccessFactors LMS support to see if they have any insight as to why the course doesn't resume properly in their environment.

We're always happy to help along the way, so feel free to open a case with our support team at any point.