Bookmarking Issue

Hi Heros,

I have a strange case with the bookmarking in SL. I have a file with 10 screens. Here it is, what's happening:

  • I view till screen 3. I open it again it resumes from screen 3.
  • Now, I view till screen 5. I open it again it resumes from screen 5.
  • Again, I view till screen 8. I open it again it resumes from screen 8.
  • I view till screen 9. I open it again, now it resumes from screen 8. Ideally it should start from screen 9.

 I have posted it in scorm cloud. You can refer to it to understand it better.

Any help how to sort this out, will be of extreme help. Thanks in advance.


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Emily Ruby

Hello Shyam,

i took a  look at your .story file, and I see that it is set to track completion at 6 of the 10 slides viewed.

Most learning management systems consider a course to be in review mode after the tracking requirement has been met. In review mode, resume data is no longer sent to the LMS, which prevents learners from accidentally changing their course status from complete back to incomplete. You can find more information here.