Bookmarking Place in Course in Oracle Learning Cloud

Mar 26, 2021

Hello all, 

We have an issue where if we open the scroll bar so users can drag it to the end of the timeline to move past a slide, then if they select Save and Close in Oracle Learning Cloud, it does not bookmark their spot as the LMS is supposed to do. When they reopen the module it takes them back to the beginning. 

We had a different bookmarking issue and were told to change the imsmanifest file (EHS GCAT Environmental Health & Safety Awareness I tried it with the updated imsmanifest file and it did not work. I then published it again and uploaded it to OLC just as Storyline produces the SCORM file (test EHS GCAT Environmental Health & Safety and it still does not work as designed.

Has anyone else experienced this problem, and if so, have you been able to resolve it, and how?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Mikel,

Thanks for sharing what you are experiencing in Oracle Learning Cloud. I was able to take your zipped published output and upload it to SCORM Cloud for comparison testing.

Here are my published links:

EHS GCAT Environmental Health & Safety Awareness 032621

test EHS GCAT Environmental Health & Safety Awareness

Both of these projects prompt to resume in SCORM Cloud as expected, so it seems that the issue may be limited to your LMS. I'd follow up with your LMS team, and hopefully, others here with a similar setup will be able to weigh in as well.