Bookmarking (Resume) Issue in IE11

Jul 09, 2015


I developed an eLearning course in Articulate Storyline 1, for which I selected "prompt to resume" on restart in the Player properties. In my organization, we conduct functional testing on 3 different browsers: IE8, Google Chrome, and IE11. The course works perfectly in IE8 and Google Chrome. However, the bookmarking (i.e., resume) feature does not work in IE11 when the course is re-launched. It automatically displays the first slide (the prompt does not appear whatsoever). 

In the resume section of the Player properties, I initially left the "When running in LMS, ignore Flash cookie" box checked. I then tried un-checking the box and re-publishing, but that did not work either.

I also searched through the community discussions and implemented one solution that worked for IE8 and Google Chrome, but not IE11. The solution was to remove \r\n from the strAICCData += "[Core_Lesson]\r\n"; code in the AICCFunctions file in the lms folder of the published project. 

A few additional notes: 1) We are publishing to an AICC LMS. 2) There is a quiz at the end of the course and we track using the quiz results slide. 

Are there any other solutions that could help me resolve this issue? Is this a known issue with IE11 compatibility? Any guidance you could provide would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

- Hiba

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Hiba,

I haven't heard of a known issue with IE11 and resume, and if anything I'd expect the newer browsers to work better than the older IE8. Have you also tested outside your LMS in SCORM Cloud? it's an industry standard for testing content, so it'll help you narrow down a bit more where the issue could be occurring. There are some directions here on how to test your content there to help walk you through it.  

If the behavior persists please let us know as we'll want to take a look at your .story file. 

Hiba Ismeail

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your response and I apologize for the delay in mine. Unfortunately, the behavior is persisting and I would like to try testing the content in SCORM Cloud. I tried opening the link to the directions, but it opens the same page as the first link you included. Could you please resend the link to the directions?

I will also submit a case so that way you guys can take a look at the .story file. I have run out of ideas at this point.

Hiba Ismeail

Thanks for the directions, Ashley.

I just submitted a case and my Case # is 00625695. I'm not sure if all my files uploaded with the case (I think they might be too large). There should be 3 files total - 1) .story file, 2) output zip file, and 3) index.html file. Could you please check if these files are included with the case? If not, is there somewhere else I can upload them privately?

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