Bookmarking/resume on results slide

I am working on a course that has a results slide with two layers. The Failure layer has a button allowing the user to retake the test, while the Success layer contains a navigation button that takes the user to a conclusion page. It isn't possible to reach this page from the Failure layer.

When I fail the test I see the failure layer, but if I then exit the course, re-enter and click 'Yes' on the bookmarking/resume dialogue to go back to the results page, it shows me the success layer.

[Note: the scoring isn't affected - if I then press the button on the success layer of the results page to go to the conclusion page and exit the course, the LMS still has my failing score and 'incomplete' status recorded.]

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Emma Jourdan

Hi Emily

Thanks for your help. I've now tried that, but the error still seems to be happening. I've also tried amending the properties of each layer in the same way, so that the main slide, success and failure layers all had 'When Revisiting' set to 'resume to saved state'. Didn't seem to work.

I then tried setting them all to 'Reset to initial state' by way of comparison but there didn't seem to be any difference.

Also, I've now realised that I was wrong when I said the scoring wasn't affected - I just thought that because I'd been getting 0% on the assessment. Actually when I tried failing with higher than 0, came out and went back in again, the results slide was showing the Success layer and a score of 0%. When I came out of the course again, there was a 0% score recorded in the LMS*.

*I say LMS - in case it's relevant, I'm actually using SCORM Cloud at the moment; I haven't tried it in the LMS yet.

Emily Ruby

Thanks Emma,

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