Boolean Algebra help, please!

Greetings, I have a "feelings" slide that comes after a set of situations that should elicit fairly negative feelings.  I've set up the Correct layer to be shown if any of these feelings are chosen and negative feeling items, once selected, change state to Drop Correct.  Conversely, selecting positive feelings changes the states of the objects to Drop Incorrect and the Incorrect layer is triggered.  That's all working fine. 

But, what do I do if someone selects a mixture of positive AND negative feelings?  I'd like to show a layer called Mixed Feelings.  In Boolean, the programming would be something like [if someone chooses] A OR B OR C, AND D OR E OR F [then show mixed feelings layer].

When I try to think this through with Storyline I get lost.  Do I have to create triggers for every relationship between these 12 items to get this done?  That seems crazy to me, so I'm sure I'm missing something.  Thanks for any ideas you can offer!

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Matthew Bibby

Wonderful, glad that did the trick! And I'm pleased that you were able to get everything done in time for delivery.

One thing to keep in mind (if you haven't already considered it) is that you'll need to change the Positive and Negative variables back to False if all of the relevant feelings are deselected.