Boolean precedence and grouping


I have some Storyline screens with text entry controls. When the learner clicks a particular button, I am trying to validate that he or she typed the correct values into each of the fields. However, there are 2 or 3 different ways that this information could be entered into each field. What I want to implement is logic such as this:


Show Layer: Correct
When user clicks

(TextEntry1 is equal to (ignore case) "8:00AM") or (TextEntry1 is equal to (ignore case) "8:00 AM") or (TextEntry1 is equal to (ignore case) "8a")


(TextEntry2 is equal to (ignore case) "5:00PM") or (TextEntry2 is equal to (ignore case) "5:00 PM") or (TextEntry2 is equal to (ignore case) "5p")


My actual screen has four of these text entry controls, not just two. The problem is, I don't know how to group the "ORs" together, so that the "ANDs" apply to the outcome of each set of "ORs". Basically, I need parentheses to group the "ORs" together, but I don't see how to enter that in the Storyline trigger dialog.

Is this possible in Storyline?



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