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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Amy,

Not sure I'm understanding what you mean. So, I've attached a REALLY plain vanilla slide with a Base Layer and a "Layer 1."

I inserted a Text Entry on the Base layer and set a trigger to show Layer 1 when the user presses the Enter Key if the TextEntry variable value = 11.

Does that get in you in the right direction, or am I misunderstanding what you're wanting to do?

The attachment is an SL1 file.

Amy Herman

Hi Rebecca,

Thank you so much for helping me, first of all.

I'm not sure if I understand what I mean, so let's see if I can clarify for both of us.

I am doing a software simulation, and in the software, one step is to enter the time. I have an audio accompaniment that I already recorded, and in that recording the time is 11, which I need to match. My problem is that the trigger won't accept the same character twice (i.e. 12 would be fine but 11 isn't because it's the character 1 repeated).

Potentially unrelated to this issue, I was wondering if there are things that can be typed in to solve this. Like how on Google, if you want to keep a phrase together, you can put it in quotes. (E.g. "hot sauce" would generate different results than hot sauce because hot sauce (without quotes) could return results for just hot or just sauce.)

So, I suppose I now have two questions and would appreciate further guidance. I looked at your file and I don't think it's what I'm looking for...but I'm not really able to articulate any of this very well, haha.

Thanks again,


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Amy,

Ah...and hmmm. I do of course know what you mean by using double quotes to qualify a search in Google. But I don't "get" how it's being entered as a trigger in your simulation. Could you upload what you have so far here so the community could take a look?

Or, it may be that someone else who's reading this DOES get what you're trying to do. If so, hope they jump in!

And, yep, giggle (or groan) re your pun

Peter Brown

Hi Amy

If I'm understanding you, I can see two approaches that might help:

1. I suspect this is similar to Rebecca's suggestion of setting a variable to the value in a text entry field. Then you can trigger what ever you want to happen when the VARIABLE changes to equal 11 (or any other value you like). One down side of this approach is that you have to move out of the text entry field (e.g. tap on another screen object) for the text entry value to update your variable.

2. A second approach could be to construct an up/down arrow that increments/decrements a variable - or use a slider in StoryLine 2! and trigger your feedback based on this variable value. Another option could be to have 12 radio buttons or similar screen objects and trigger your feedback based on selecting one of the radio buttons. Either way you're locking the learner in to values based on interacting with some screen element rather than allowing them to type the values in.

I Hope that one or other of these give a direction that will help.