Border around slide in Articulate update

Jun 28, 2018


Since the latest Articulate update a border has appeared on my e-learning course that wasn't there in the previous version and I don't know how to get rid of it. It looks like it's between the slide and the player, I have tried adjusting colours in the player and on the master but can't seem to get rid of it, does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I have attached a screen shot of a slide and how it's looks in the preview. Any help gratefully received :)

Many thanks,


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Katie Riggio

Welcome, Luisa! Looks like my teammate, Leslie, beat me to it ☺️

I'm really sorry you've come across this border issue, too. Our team is looking into next steps. While we don't have an ETA just yet–since you've commented, you're automatically subscribed to this discussion where we'll share all updates on this issue's progress. Thanks!

Katie Riggio

Hi, Laura. Thanks for reaching back out here, and I'm really sorry for the headaches.

We're here to help relieve them! I've shared your request with our Support Engineers, so look out for an email from them shortly while we look into the next steps in tackling this bug.  

If you–and anyone else–hit any roadblocks and need to roll back to a previous update, please let us know! We never want anyone to spend hours troubleshooting a problem alone.