Bottom player controls missing on launch

Hi All,

Just started seeing a weird anomaly and wondered if anyone else has experienced this or found how to resolve it... 

When launching a published SL360 course, the <Prev and Next>  and other control links at the bottom of the player are not visible if the course window opens at less than full screen size. All other player controls and links at the top of the player are fine. Once the course window is made full-screen, the missing controls along the bottom of the player are displayed as normal.


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Jeff Forrer

Hello, I have seen some similar behavior.  I believe in my case it is due to opening a SL3 file with SL360, the Player settings I believe get corrupted sometimes. 

See Peek video here:

I downloaded a file from the SL Forum created in SL3.   The Player buttons, Next, Submit etc. don't show up, even though they have triggers tied to them, and they are shown to be on with the Slide Properties gear.

If you look at the Olive Green player setting this file is tied to, it doesn't show the buttons, although they are there because when publishing the file, you can see the Hand Cursor where the buttons should be.  Per the attached Peek video, if I select a different Player profile, Save, then come back and select the original Olive Green profile, then the Player resets and the buttons come back.

Again, I believe this is due to SL3 to SL360 conversion, as I have seen this happen frequently.

Al Lauer

That's odd. Perhaps it's a SL3 issue.  Our issue is happening to a contributor outside our team and I think he is using SL3. He is using the Modern player, not the classic, but results are very similar. If a support person doesn't pick this up, I'll have to submit the issue as a potential bug in the software.

Al Lauer

Hi Katie,

It appears the controls do display, but are hidden beneath the icon ribbon at the bottom of the Windows screen. They only come out from underneath the icon ribbon when the entire window is moved upward on the screen or when the window is maximized for full screen view. I'll send you a module here shortly.

Thanks for your help,


Vincent Scoma

Hi Keri,

Thank you for sharing your file! 

After reviewing the course, I am having some trouble recreating the issue. When I launch the course in Chrome, I do see the player controls appearing at the bottom of the player. I also noticed that some slides replace the PREV and NEXT buttons with custom navigation buttons. 

Could I have you test the course using this link to see if the issue persists? Please let us know if you have any questions!

Keri Huneycutt

Hi! Here is the reply I got back from our LMS Administrator:

Hmmmm….still not opening full screen for me in our LMS and there is no setting I can change. I am not sure why this particular course is doing this when no other courses do and I have never had an issue with this before with other courses.

I am sure that if I didn’t have my task bar on the bottom, like most people do, I would see the navigation as well. It also appears as though Articulate support are also not launching through an LMS as you might think, they appear to be launching through a website.

Katie Riggio

Hi Keri,

Thank you for sharing your team's update! 

To add to the testing collection, I published the course for LMS (Tin Can API) using Storyline 360 Update 41 and uploaded it to SCORM Cloud — a free industry-standard tool for LMS testing.

Similar to Vincent, I also see the built-in player controls at the bottom of the player on the beginning slides. The following slides show custom arrow navigation buttons instead of the Prev and Next buttons.

Questions to Determine Next Steps

  • What browser(s) are you and your team using the view the content?
  • Does the issue appear when viewing my hosted output?
Keri Huneycutt

Hi Katie! I actually used the link above and the same thing happened to me as did our LMS Administrator. I'm attaching an image so you can see. Unless I know to click the box in the top-right to maximize the course, I won't see the navigation buttons. Is there anything we can do?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Keri!

I'm so sorry for the trouble! I'm also seeing the navigation buttons when I open Katie's hosted output link. 

It could be a display setting on your computer. To check this, go to the Display settings. You can type in Display on the search bar and it should appear. Do you see Display Resolution?  Can you share which numbers you're seeing?

For example, here's what mine looks like:

We appreciate you taking the time to troubleshoot this with us!

Keri Huneycutt

Mine is 1366 by 768 (Recommended). I think the bigger problem is that in Storyline 2 we had the option for the course to open in full screen mode. For some reason this went away with Storyline 360. Now it opens not quite maximized, and if anyone's display settings are like mine and our LMS administrator's, they will not be able to see the navigation buttons when they open it up unless they know to maximize the screen. We can't ask all of our 26,000 employees to change their display settings for the sake of the elearning experience. Is there anything else that can be done?