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Nov 14, 2014

I've been beating my head against the keyboard with this one, trying to figure out why its happening, with no real answer.  Hopefully you all can help!

This part of the course involves some software simulation.  The original intent was to have three boxes: Show / Guide / Try.  They must complete the Try Mode to move forward.  When the learners went completed the Show or Guide mode, they are returned to the menu screen.

What's Happening - the Show / Guide / Try buttons disappear when the user returns to the menu.  I don't know why?!  And its driving me batty!

Can anyone offer any insight?

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Dennis Hall

Hi Joe:

I was unable to reproduce your issue with your test.story file. It all works fine and the shapes are still visible when I return to this slide. I did notice, however, that you placed Hotspots on top of shapes. This is not an optimal scenario and you would be have much more control if you where to move the click triggers to the rectangles on the page, then delete the hotspots (there redundant) as the user can click on the rectangle shape to perform the action. You can then create a button group of the shapes which would automatically create Hover and Selected states for you. You could then add a Visited state to each as well.

I understand you placed hotspots in front because you realized the text and image in front of the shape blocked your click, however, buttons will not pose this issue, you can align the text, place an image and so on in a button just as if it was a state.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Emily Ruby

Hello Joe!

I am unable to see the issue either when viewing your course. Are you seeing this in the published version, or just when you preview?

Please make sure you work locally as described here, and when you test publishing, you publish in the courses intended environment as testing on a local computer  may encounter security restrictions related to your web browser and Adobe Flash Player that may cause various features to fail.

Joe Waddington

Dennis - Thanks for the feedback.  I put the hotspots there as a way to try to fix my problem.  Previous versions had just the clickable box there.  

Emily - from what I've seen, it works perfectly fine in preview mode, but when I publish, it goes off the rails.  I keep forgetting about storylines issues with working on a network drive, and will move the file local to see if that helps the issue.

Thanks all for the feedback!

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