Brain breaker: trigger order

Hi everyone,


I’ve made a traffic light simulation to explain conditional triggers to the team.

It contains a traffic light with 3 lights, which by default are all off. Click on a light to turn it on and to turn all others off. Click the same light again to turn it off. A variable displays the current light color on screen “red”, “orange”, “green” or “no color”.


It all works, but only if the of the triggers are in a specific order. I’d like to be able to explain clearly why this order is so important.

- If I first check to see if the light is off, then the variable gets the correct information

- If I first check to see if the light is on, then the variable is incorrect (always no color)


I know that the triggers are executed top to bottom, but I can’t explain why it’s going wrong in this case.

Who can offer a good explanation for this? Thanks in advance!

All the best,

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