Branch from one slide with player Next/Back buttons

Jan 05, 2016


I have a home slide with 4 buttons that branch/jump to their respective slide. On each branched slide, I have a custom button that takes them back to the home slide and also the built-in next and back buttons. 

What I want to do is disable the next button on the homepage until all buttons have been visited AND - on each branched slide - disable the next button until that slide has been viewed entirely (if a learner was to go back and review slides).

Help please!

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Walt Hamilton


Check out this presentation.

Preview it, on the menu, click on Second, and click the blue button. Click Return, and click the blue button again. The Next and Previous buttons will be activated on the blue slide on the second visit. Click all four buttons on the menu, and the Next and Previous buttons will be activated on the menu slide.

The first slide does the same thing, but with layers. Only the blue slide shows Next and Previous.

Any questions, just ask.

Mohammad  Hassam

Hi Katie,

I liked Walt example. However, the other way of doing that is show Next button "Normal" when all states have been visited. Following are the screenshots will help you to add trigger on the slide.

Add a trigger that will hide Next button. Please see the screenshot below:


And then Add a trigger to show Next button once all buttons have been visited. see the screenshot below.

Note: These rectangle can be your buttons :)

Hopes it helps!

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