Branched Scenarios - Separate Quizzes

Feb 02, 2016

I have several courses that have multiple branches depending on a user's role.  Each path has a different quiz as the level of complexity varies by role.  To date, I have used a simple pick one question at the end of the course that all of the branches reconvene to after they have passed their individual quizzes (within the respective branch).  This works great if all I need to do is certify that they have "passed" the quiz for their role.  However, I have had a request to display the score that they actually receive on their individual quiz instead of the 100% that is sent to the LMS when they hit the communal pick one question that is currently triggering course completion. 

I know that SL2 allows a results slide to reference multiple results slides within the project.  However, using that method, my learner appears to have gotten only 80/300 = @ 26% for the course.   What I'm looking for is a way to specify the value of Results.Score.Percent so that it returns the greater score of any of the available quizzes.  So, if user takes Path A and passes Quiz A with an 80%...but never takes Quiz B or Quiz C...that the LMS registers 80% for the final Results.Score.Percent that is sent to the LMS for that course. 

Right now, I can either send 100% to the LMS when the user gets to the communal pick one...or I can send what appears to only be an average across the three quizzes if using a Final Results Slide to capture the other mini results slides) either solution, the score sent to the LMS is not equal to the actual score received on the applicable quiz.   

I've tried to Adjust the Variables when the timeline starts...but can only set User Variables to equal or aggregate Results.Score.Percent, not the other way.  Is there a javascript that I can write that will set the Results.Score.Percent that is sent to LMS? 

I've been asked not to create multiple courses in the LMS for this.  Even though I know that ideally since they have different levels of competency, they should be separated at that level.  Any help is appreciated.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Heather -- Thanks so much for your question! As I see that you mentioned the possible use of JavaScript, I just thought I should stop in to note that unfortunately, we are not able to provide support for JavaScript coding. Luckily, we have lots of community members who are more than willing to share their expertise to assist!

And for those who'd like to review it, here is a sheet on JavaScript Best Practices you may want to keep handy. :)

Eric Bryant

I know I'm a bit late to the game on this, but I just discovered the thread while searching for an answer to this question. It may not be an elegant solution, but it seems to work.

Basically, I created a branched scenario. Each scenario had a different number of questions. The user only had to follow one scenario, but I needed a way to record the user score AND report the results based on the scenario they selected.

I created buttons that would launch each scenario. I also created a text variable to record which scenario the user selected (e.g., if they chose Scenario A, then the variable would set to value "A"). It's important that the variable is adjusted before the slide advances.

I also created my own "custom" Results page. I created another variable called "FinalScore" and added that as a reference field on the custom page.. For reference, at the end of each scenario I created a Results page so that I knew which Results.Score.Percent was being recorded for each variable.

On the custom results page, I created triggers that set the Results.Score.Percent to the FinalScore variable with a condition that said "If (text variable) = A". I did this for each of my scenarios, substituting the appropriate Score.Percent for the appropriate text variable.

I also added Pass/Fail layers with the triggers "Show layer PASS if FinalScore>= 80" (users have to get 80% or above to pass), and a similar one for the FAIL layer.

I then went back into each individual Results page and modified it so that the score was not visible, and I removed the Success/Failure triggers. I instead included text saying that the user needed to score 80% to pass, and a button they could click to take them to the custom Results page.

Ren Gomez

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