Branching and variables Navigation Problem

I am having trouble getting the navigation to work. (There will be audio and animations, but for now I am just working on the navigation)   I have probably set up the variables wrong somewhere, but I don't know where.   On slide 1.5, the user makes a choice and the trigger takes them to a scene (that's working fine). When they make the correct response within the scene, there is a trigger to change the variable (named for that scene) to True and then a trigger to take the user to slide 1.6. On slide 1.6, the state is supposed to change to purple when the variable is true.  That is supposed to happen for each line separately, and then the slide advances when the state of all the lines is purple.  But, what is happening is that the first time I return, there is no change, then the second time, the second line is purple, but then when I click on each subsequent line, it changes to purple before I even leave!  HELP PLEASE! 

Dropbox file

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Rich Calcutt

Hi Ellen, 

I had a look at your file and my suggestion is:

1) Go to your triggers on 1.6 and find trigger that changes state of 'Jacobs 1' to 'Selected' when 'Variable Changes' variable 'Jacobscompleted'

2) Change the options to 'when Timeline starts on slide 1.6' and add a condition that says 'if variable Jacobscompleted equals true'

3) Change all the other state change triggers on 1.6 to follow this pattern for the other names.

4) Ensure that the slide 1.6 is set in the slide options to reset to initial state when the user revisits.

I hope this works for you. Please let me know the result. 

Mike Enders


Here's how you fix it...

Right now, your triggers on 1.6 are set up to change the state when the variable changes.  But, "when variable changes" is really monitoring just that slide.  So, if the variable changes while you're on this slide....then change the state.  However, the variable is changing on a different slide.  So...

You can change your triggers to change the state of lines when the timeline starts (so when they return to that slide) IF the variable = true.  This way, each time the learner arrives back here, Storyline evaluates if the trigger has changed.

Hope this makes sense!