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Michael Hinze

With Javascript, you should be able to grab your course's URL. You could then check if it equals http://mycompany.com/mycourse/story_html5.html or http://mycompany.com/mycourse/story.html (meaning the HTML5 version or the Flash version is being displayed). Here is some info on a related thread.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Andrew -- Sorry to see that the link you were hoping to view isn't working properly, but Michael is a very active member of the community, so I am sure he will chime in soon with the updated link. 

I also wanted to stop in to mention, should you decide to use the JavaScript option mentioned, that is not something for which we'd be able to provide support, but there are lots of community members who are gurus and are happy to assist! In case you would like to see it, here is also our JS Best Practices sheet. :)