Branching course with multiple quizzes, error upon revisiting quizzes

Nov 07, 2014


I have developed a branched course with ten sections. Each section has a quiz at the end. I have a final results slide that sums the results slides from each section based on percentage. 

The learner can revisit the quiz in each section except the last one (section 10 quiz/results slide #10), which uses a timeline trigger to display the final aggregated score from all of the quizzes by jumping to the final results slide. (results slide #11)

When I test the revisit quiz function, say for section two, all of the questions from section one also populate. Additionally, my scoring is off. I have set all of the quiz questions to "resumed saved state" upon revisiting and have set the results slide to only pull scores from the questions within each section.

Is this expected behavior?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Renee!

Are you referring to the "review quiz" or the "retake quiz" settings? When you select review quiz, it should take you back to view only the quiz/content slides in that section.

Do you have a story file that you could share here so we can look at the set up of the quizzes? Or maybe just send a few of the quizzes to shorten it a bit.

Renee Haran


I am referring to the "review quiz" settings and behavior. So the normal behavior is that I would see the quiz questions for the quiz I just took, but this is not happening. This is the first time I've created branching with a quiz for each lesson and then used a final results slide to calculate the branched lesson results slides. If I review the quiz for a particular branched section, I am taken back to review the quiz questions from the previous lesson or an earlier lesson. Very strange! I do have a file I can share.

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