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Oct 08, 2012

Hi.  I have a scenario where we want to introduce the question (in this case a Physics problem), then allow the student to make a stab at the answer.  If they don't know how to work the problem, I would like to provide a button on the question slide that says something like "I'm stuck - please help me".  If they click the button - I want it to take them to a new slide that explains how to work the problem - in steps - so maybe a, b, c, d buttons on that slide that take the problem from different points in the "work flow".  At any point on this secondary slide, I want them to be able to return to the question slide they came from and answer the question.  When I preview my question, the button action doesn't work - is it because it is waiting for me to click the submit button?  If yes, how would you get around this and/or does anyone have any suggestions for how this might be set up.

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Bruce Graham

Alternatively...a Lightbox might provide a differing visual cue for "Help", they look lovely, and that way you could make the "Answers" easily look different to the "Questions".

It's exactly the same, it's just a slide, but trigger it using the "Go to Lighbox Slide" rather than "Go to Slide".

Hope that's useful.


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