Branching from Storyline to Rise

I've created some learning in Rise, but I want to do some branching so that learners are taken in one of two directions depending upon the score they achieve in a test.

Because I would prefer, at this point of the course, to not give learners the option of what direction they take, but have the branching happen automatically, I don't want to use Rise (as it is not available there). I have therefore created my test in Storyline and then on the final slide added my triggers, with the variables for the scores, and set it so that it transfers the learner from the Storyline content into the appropriate Rise block.

I've then imported the Storyline test into my Rise course.

However, what I can't get to work is the fact that it takes the learner into the actual Rise block, the URL either opens it inside the Storyline window or as a new window, but does not open Rise.

Is it possible to link Storyline to Rise to allow branching to happen? Or do I have to create everything in a single platform of Storyline (which is great, but I find takes longer to do everything) or Rise (which is simpler and faster, but has limitations)?

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Elaine,

Unfortunately, a Storyline block within Rise works entirely independently and, once it is complete, it does not have the capacity to pass any information into the Rise course. This is also the reason why quiz scores from within a Storyline block can't be passed to an LMS at the end of a Rise course.

On its own, Storyline has the capacity to easily achieve what you are after, but the lack of variables within Rise means that true conditional branching can't be achieved. Using Button Stacks will give the user the opportunity to select a path to head down, but it is not possible to automate that based on earlier activity.

One thing you could consider, if it suits your needs, is to have your quiz in a Storyline block, branch the user down a "quiz result" specific path still within Storyline and then bring both/all branches back together at the end of the block, just in time to continue with common information, which would commence with the next block within your Rise course. This way you could still achieve the majority of your course within Rise.

The one caveat I would place on the above is that I have no knowledge of JavaScript and so, if there is a JavaScript option to get round this, I am sure you will hear from a coding expert shortly!

Hope this helps.