Branching question - 2 paths, but how to finish?

May 14, 2013

Hi all,

I ran into a problem when I created a branch. I want the learner to be able to choose between two paths to begin. I was going to have them come back to that same path choice slide after they completed their first choice, but then realized - what if the choose the second choice first? My question is how can I make Storyline "know" when they are done with both branches no matter what choice they choose first so they can branch to the conclusion slide and leave the course?

Thanks so much for your help! I appreciate it in advance!


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Antony Snow

Hi Denise,

I think you can control this with a couple of simple variables, states and triggers.

You can create 2 True/False variables i.e. 'Branch1' and 'Branch2' and set them to FALSE and then;

Branch 1

  • Add a trigger on the final slide to adjust the 'Branch1' variable to TRUE when the timelime starts.
  • Add 2 triggers to the 'Next' button that 1) jumps to 'conclusion' slide when the user clicks it on condition that the 'Branch2' variable = TRUE 2) jumps to the 'path choice' slide when the user clicks it on condition that the 'Branch2' variable = FALSE

Branch 2

  • Add a trigger on the final slide to adjust the 'Branch2' variable to TRUE when the timelime starts.
  • Add 2 triggers to the 'Next' button that 1) jumps to 'conclusion' slide when the user clicks it on condition that the 'Branch1' variable = TRUE 2) jumps to the 'path choice' slide when the user clicks it on condition that the 'Branch1' variable = FALSE

Finally, add a 'visited' state for each clickable branch button on the 'path choice' slide to provide a visual indication of which path the user has already viewed. 

Hopefully I have explained myself, but please feel free to post back if you have any questions.


Denise Malloy

Hello again Anthony,

I hope you are out there and can help me. Regarding you reply above, I am wondering how to assign the specific path to "branch 1," or, in other words, how does the button know what the path is I want it to follow?

The reason I am asking is because under those two branching buttons (or Modules), I have two individual modules with a "choose your lesson" slide on each; one has three different lessons and the other module has five different lessons. They can choose what ever lesson they want, but they must finish that lesson before returning to the lesson choice slide. Each lesson has between 1 and 3 quizzes at the end. When they finish the module and all the lessons, I want them to then go to their results slide and then a summary slide of what they learned in that module. I will need to build in logic at the end of each quiz to tell it to go to the results slide if they finished the other lessons already and am not sure how this is done. Can you please suggest similar logic as what was suggested above or will this work? 

I would be happy to show you what I have, which might be way more helpful, but am not sure how to do that.

Thank you in advance!


Daniel Brigham

Anthony: I like your suggestion regarding variables.

Denise: I get the two branches, but couldn't quite envision how the "three different modules" fit in. I imagine you'll end up using T/F variables as Anthony suggests, but you could always put "jump to branch X" and "Course exit" buttons at the end of the two branches. Anyway, it's another option.

Denise Malloy

Okay guys,

First off, thanks so much for your quick response and your help! I am on a deadline and I have to get this done today, hopefully sooner than later. I have a whole other course that I also need to do the same thing with.

Here it is in brief. I just made a model for you to view. The branching in this attachment is set up the way I have it in my real work, except I left out a bunch of slides in between. But, the way I have the variables set and it triggered may be way off. Please let me know. I need a course on variables and how they work!

To start, please open the file and then read below on how my boss wants this whole thing to work:

The module needs to be complete before moving to the next module, but they can choose whichever module they like.

When then come to the Lesson choice slide inside each module, they can choose whichever lesson they want to take in any order. They must then complete that lesson before moving on. At the end of each lesson is a quiz (or two or three depending) that goes to a results slide.

When they have finished all the lessons in that module, they should be directed to the Results slide for that module, then the  "What you have learned" summary slide where I have made some variables and triggers for the module slides as directed by Anthony. These are just for the completed modules, however.

When both modules have been completed, they are then directed to a conclusion slide (results slide, Survey slide, and then Conclusion slide).

My question is, what do I do with the quizzes at the end of each lesson to direct the learner to either the Lesson Choice slide, the Module Results slide, or the Conclusion slide? It will depend on which order they take the lessons, so I am guessing the triggers and variables have to be put on each question slide at the end of the lessons, right?

Please advise as to how I go about making all these branches tie in together so the learner is directed to the correct place without clicking a bunch of buttons.

Thanks so much again!! I really appreciate your help!!


Antony Snow

Hi Denise,

Assuming that the learner needs to pass the quiz (rather than just attempt it) for each lesson before they are shown the module results slide followed by the module summary slide, I think the attached achieves all you are wanting to - on the 'Choose a module' screen, only the 'Module 1' button directs the user through the process, but this should be sufficient for you to see how this works.

I'm not sure if this is what you wanted, but I have also added a 'completed' state to each of the lesson buttons to provide a visual to the learner of their progress and have triggered this state when the user returns to the 'choose a lesson' slide having passed 1 but not both of the respective quizzes.

I hope this helps you but if you need anything else, please shout.


Antony Snow

Hi Denise

As per our email conversations, with the exception of a couple of minor changes due to your clients requests, I hope you now have a working example of what you are trying to achieve.

I have attached what I sent you so that others can take a look for inspiration or even to see if there is a more efficient way of putting it together - it will be interesting to see or hear what others would do differently.



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