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I'm sure there's a way to do this, I just haven't been able to figure it out just yet.  I have a scenario where on a slide they pick two paths.  Then, they come back to the same content.  That was easy enough, but now there is a slide that should only be seen if they picked the one path earlier in the training.  I was playing around with variables and triggers (basically saying if they clicked this box way back on slide 3, jump to slide x.x instead of next slide.)

Ideas?  Thanks!

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Tracy Parish

Wendy is right.

However, it sounds like you might need an extra True/False variable on that slide.

A trigger fires on the slide to adjust the variable to T when the slide timeline starts to equal they have seen it.  Then the next trigger in the panel should be: Jump to slide X if the visited variable equals T.  It will only jump if they have been there before.

trigger panel


Catherine Ross

Hi, I can't attach the original because it's info I'm not allowed to share, but I've duplicated my situation.  In the attached, I would like "next" button on slide 1.6 to go to 1.7 ONLY if they had previously selected rectangle 2 on the first slide.  If they had selected rectangle 1 on the first slide, it should go to 1.8.  Hope that helps clarify.  thank you for the help!!