Branching question not working properly - triggers or feedback?

Apr 10, 2020

Hi All! 

I have an exam with  several questions that branch from a main slide (not a quiz question), to 1- 5 'part' questions (graded numeric usually)where each slide contains a save & return to main button that is supposed to return to the main slide. This is not happening when the button is clicked, it is proceeding to the next quiz question instead.  I've attempted changing my menu security from restricted to locked, and changed the order of my submit interaction / jump to slide triggers with no success. Usually have half successful half not. 

Also, to add complexity, I can't have any feedback given,  so my assumption after playing with this most of the day is it is something to do with the triggers being processed instantaneously due to the no feedback, and the trigger order.   Can anyone suggest a way to do this so it would function properly? I'm about at my wits end! :) 

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Becky Heineman

assuming my issue is something like Catrin's here: 

Assuming Storyline processes triggers in order, and instantaneously,  I would put the Submit interaction trigger first, then the jump to slide... trigger. That way the item is graded properly and the learner is returned to the main slide. There just seems to be something in the middle telling it to go to the next slide.  the Player is set to restricted or locked and two of the four slides work properly, but the other two do not. It seems some more testing is in order! 



Walt Hamilton


It is just a small thing, but this trigger on part 5 will eventually be a problem:


The submit when the text box loses focus allows the learner to move on with either clicking, or hitting Enter, but hitting Enter bypasses setting the variables.

Here's your real problem. When the feedback layers are deleted (by you, or by the application if no feedback is chosen) it appears that a built-in "Jump to Next Slide" trigger is left behind. Whether that is intentional or not, I don't know, but my inclination is to think it is a bug. To get around it, you need to go to each question, and set it to have feedback by question.

Then on both the Correct and Incorrect layers, add these two triggers:


That should last long enough to register the question result, but not long enough for it to be seen.

Becky Heineman

Much thanks, Walter! this worked a treat!  Don't worry about the part 5 trigger, it was changed during one of my many, many tests :)  I would agree about the bug part - or just unexpected byproduct...which would be a bug XD  I will definitely have to keep this in mind going forward. I have many multi-part questions to build!

Salvador Fernandez

Thanks so much for your solution Walt Hamilton, I have been stuck trying to figure out why the branching on my survey would not work, all the logic was there but there seems to be a  built-in "Jump to Next Slide" trigger left behind and it doesn't accept the triggers in the main timeline, maybe this is intended.

my solution to get the branching to work on my survey was to change the the Feedback to "by Question". it will create  Thank you layer, I set the Layout to Blank and added two triggers to close the layer when timeline starts and branch out depending on the learner selections. 


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