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Hi there,

I'm currently building an articulate course that will need to be uploaded onto an LMS. I have a question hoping to get an answer for. I have attached the course map here.

I have created a scene for all the aircraft type, each of these scene has 10 pages. I also created two screens called "LongHaul" and "ShortHaul". 

Basically If the person select a long haul option, he/she will have to complete the 4 sections of 777, 747, 767 and A330. He/she does not have to complete the 737 section. 

For the shorthaul option, they will have to complete the A330, 767 and 737 sections and will not have to complete the 777 and 747 sections. I was hoping to bundle all these aircraft type slides into one coures.

The issue I am having at the moment is that If I bundle all these scenes into one course and this course will be uploaded to the LMS. How about do I go about tracking the users ? I can not use the track by page view because If I set the number of page view to 30 pages for the "Shorthaul" crew, the "longhaul" crew will get their status marked as completed as soon as they finish the 3rd section and if I set the page view to 40, shorthaul crew can never complete the course because they only have access to 3 sections. 

I don't really want to split this course into two different modules of "shorthaul" and "longhaul" because for example, if there is any changes to the A330 section, I have to make the changes for both modules.

If I create a mutual page at the end and track the users using variable. Is there any manual trigger on the last page that can tell the LMS to mark the student as completed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Tom: Created a rough mockup for you, if you don't already have a solution. See attached. What I did is create a "dummy" quiz slide (a survey question with a passing score of 0 that just asks the learner if they took the real quiz, which would proceed this. The dummy quiz slide would appear after actual quiz 1 (path 1) or actual quiz 2 (path 2). You would track the result slide of the dummy quiz.

Anyway, just something to think about. Let us know how it goes. --Daniel