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Does anyone have any tips or best practices on creating branching scenarios in Storyline?  I want to create a branching scenario where the user can choose from 3 options/paths, as they complete a path I want them to be able to return to the main menu and see the path they completed is checked or grayed out indicating they have completed the scenario (if the user exist the path early (doesn't complete all slides) then the menu would indicate the path is still incomplete).  Any tips or examples you would be willing to share would be helpful, Thanks!  

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ingrid!

Articulate Storyline lets you give learners feedback as they answer questions, then branch them to different parts of your course based on their responses. See this tutorial to learn how:

I'm attaching the files from above as well. If you still cannot download, please try a different browser.
Walt Hamilton

Here is an example of a branching experience:

It branches in a set sequence, and as I understand your request, you would want create decision points. At these points, you would need to assess the learner's progress or competency. Then you would change the variable that controls the path from that point forward, and continue.

As always, the technical design of how to make SL jump through the correct hoops at the specified time is very simple. The true work comes in defining what the different competency levels are, how to recognize them, how much detail you want to get into with each path, which leads to the most important; how many path options can you, and do you want to provide.