Branching to a scene and Returning to a different location

I have a large storyline course that has 2 scenes.  The first scene is my main scene.  The 2nd scene contains reference material that I want the user to be able to refer to from different locations in the main scene.


 Branching to the scene 2 is no problem but how do get storyline to return the user to the location where the user branched from since there are several places in the main course where the user may have initially branched from?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Glen,

There isn't an option to return the user to where they left off or allow them to continue from that point. You may want to look at putting the additional content/scene inside a lightbox as than it'll open on top of which ever slide they were on and when closing the lightbox the slide they access it on would remain and they could continue from that point. 

If you're looking for other options/ideas, hopefully the community will be able to weigh in as well. 

Renee Schuh

Hi everyone! 
I'm wondering if you have recommendations on this situation with branching.

I want to have a user start on one slide and have the option to click one of three different images. Depending on the image they choose, it will go to a section so they can learn that information (several slides). Then when they finish that set of material, they return to the main page with the three images and the image/s they already chose will be grayed out.

Is the best way to do this by setting up three scenes (one for each image) and then build in custom navigation at the end of the last page of each scene that returns them to the page with the three images? Then add a state/trigger that says when clicked on image it grays out (or puts a check mark on the image or something) to signal it's been visited. I think this way will work but I'm just wanting to explore options of the best way (or a better way) How would you do this?

I really like the idea of a lightbox, but if there are multiple slides to learn the set of information - you can't really make every slide a lightbox slide? Otherwise they'd have to close each lightbox slide, right? 

Thanks for the help and guidance!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Renee,

It sounds like you're off to a great start in terms of branching to other scenes and using the visited state. You'll likely want to adjust a variable at the end of each scene and then based on the value of that variable on your main slide - change the state of the object. To get you started here is some information about using variables, applying states and how the states behave on their own.