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Walt Hamilton

I can't speak to what happens if you try to jump to slides, but it seems to be working fine when you jump to layers. Of course, I had to put an indicator on the layer to show which layer is visible.

The only correction you need to make is to move this trigger:


above this one:


Otherwise, if 1 and 3 are selected, layer 6 is shown, and before the user can see it, layer 3 replaces it, because 3 is selected.

mitesh mistry

Hi Walt,

The solution you gave me didn't work. it still jumps to two slides together.

I have updated the story file for what I want. When I select all checked boxes together or individual checked boxes, It send me to the right slide. But if I select together checked boxes 12, or checked boxes 23 and checked boxes 13, before jump to particulate slide for that combination, I see slide for individual checked boxes. It means it jumps to two slides together, and showing me to slides, instead of that specific slide.


Walt Hamilton

You are on the right track, you just need to add triggers to button 1 to set  03-03-120 if the user clicks a combination. For example 03_03_120 = 4 if box 1 = selected and Box 2 = Selected.

Then change your Picture 1 triggers to jump depending on the value of 03_03_120, rather than the states of the check boxes.