Branching with quizzes

May 25, 2012

Hi all,

Can someone help me out with a problem with branching in Storyline?

I've created a module that contains some initial generic content for all learners, but which then has several custom branches off from that point.  I also need to build in some tests but this is where the issue comes in.  We only need a learner to complete the test for the branch that's specific to them, not all tests within the module.  I've been looking at all of the results slide settings and I can't seem to find a way of getting the module to report back a 100% test completion, because it's also expecting results from the other branches.  Am I making things unneccessarily complicated for myself by trying to do this or is there a solution to this without having to break up the module into different files?



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Angie Johnson

Laura - I think you will need to break up into individual files. I believe that with both SCORM and AICC reporting, you can only send one result to the LMS.

You could have separate un-graded questions for the different paths the learner could take, but you would need to get all learners to one final exam that would report to the LMS. Or you could route them to a separate scene where the learner would click a button to mark completion of the course. This method, however, wouldn't allow you to see their individual test results, it would just mark them as complete/100% in the LMS.

Is that helpful? Or did I confuse you? Let me know if you'd like me to try to explain further - sometimes I get to rambling....


Grace Tang

Hi Laura,

I'm trying to do something similar to the project you mentioned in your post from May 2012.  I want to create 1 sales training course that branches off into 2 scenes based on the market where the learner works (CA or NY).  Because there are content differences between CA and NY, I would also like to have 2 different graded quizzes at the end of each branching scene.  However, I would like to be able to report only 1 score to the LMS based on the branch the learner selects.

Did you ever find a workaround for your project?  I've been reading various posts, and it sounds like some folks have resigned themselves to creating 2 different courses while others have experimented with lots of variables or proxy slides as shown in the following thread:

If you have any updates you can share, I would be very grateful!



armando luna

We create branched training where we only need to know if the person passed the exam, not the score, so we include the questions in each specific branch. Then after the person correctly completes their respective exams, the branched paths come back to a single "successful completion"  slide, which is actually a quiz slide. it is the submission of this slide that completes the course as "passed".


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