Branching with Variables

I am working on a new employee orientation that is tailored to the learner based on their job title.  I have 37 different topics each with 2 to 10 screens of content.  On the first screen of the module the learner will select their job title.  Then as they go through the module they only get the topics that apply to their job title.  

So for example:

Job Title 1 needs Topic 1, Topic 2 and Topic 5

Job Title 2 needs Topic 1, Topic 5 and Topic 8


I figured out that I can do this using a variable for the job title and assigning each job title a value. Then I can put a trigger on the last slide of each topic to jump to the next topic depending on the variable.  This requires a "condition" in each trigger for each job title.  

It seems to work fine, but I was wondering if anyone has a better way to do it.  I have a project coming up with 35 job titles (!) so the more I can streamline the process the better.


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