Branching within a question bank (SL360)?

Question:  Can you branch to a specific slide within a question bank from another slide within the same bank?

Project:  Technically it's a survey to find out if employees are following certain standards.  If not, an explanation is required.  The questions in the "survey" vary based on the person's role.  

I've set up scenes and question banks based on the person's role.  Learner chooses their role from multiple choice slide which then branches them to the scene for that role and the question banks required for that role.  That part works.

True is always the correct answer because that means they are following the standard.  If they do answer false, I need to branch them to a Short Answer or Essay question slide so they can enter their explanation. 

Attempts: Originally I set up the explanation answer as a layer on the question slide itself which worked great, but unfortunately does not translate well in the reporting (via our LMS).  You can't really tell which question the explanation goes to.  So, I tried to set-up a separate slide, then branch the false answer to that slide, which is technically just the next slide.  This works, but when they answer "True" it also goes to the next slide instead of the next question within the bank.  I tried to set up a branch to take them to a specific slide within the bank, but I'm only able to choose the Question Bank (collection), and not a specific slide within the question bank.

I tried to set-up a different scene to collect the false answer explanations and then branch back to the question bank, but again can't choose a specific slide so it just starts at the beginning of the bank.  

Is setting up branching within a question bank even possible?  If not, do you have any other suggestions on how I can get this to work properly?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Kelli!

I missed your response in the tutorial. We don't always get an alert when someone comments there so posting here is the safest bet!

Thank you for the tutorial and response. I am still unable to set it up that way. I think it might be because I'm in a separate scene. Example with attached screen shots. In Scene 1 the user answers some general questions. The last question in that scene, asks them to select their role. Based on that answer it jumps them to a new scene that includes draws from the question banks I created for which a person with that role is required to answer. If I add another slide titled "Explain" and try to tell the current question to jump to that slide if answered incorrectly - I am not able to select the exact slide. It only shows me the scene including the draw, but not the individual slides within the bank. If I were setting it up that way in the 1st scene, it does work the way you explained, but not if I need to add that same functionality to a question bank in a different scene. Other suggestions? I can send the file as well, but figured I'd start with the screen shots.


You're right, there isn't a way to jump to a specific slide in another scene. You could jump to another scene depending on their answer, and add an "explain" slide there. 

If you want to share your file, I'm happy to take a look. You can do that by using the "add attachment" button in this discussion. If you would like to share the file privately, use this link and our Support Engineers will take a look.