Bread crumbs:how did I get to this part in the course

Oct 20, 2012

Hi Heroes,

Our organisation issues Regulations in the domain of aviation.

So we need to train our staff on these rules and regulations.

Basically there is no start or end in this course, yet a staff member can only be certified when he/she has taken all scenes.

For this I have created a somewhat complex story view. (users do not want to have a menu bar)

The course consist of separate scenes, which in their turn are made up of smaller scenes giving more detail on a certain subject, all added up, they make up the course.

E.G. A staff member is interested in transport of Dangerous Goods, so he navigates to the scene for dangerous goods. This scene references the scene for Low visibility, so he/she decides to takes that module too, and so on…

I have foreseen navigation that tackles the problem of which scenes have been completed/partially completed or have not started yet.

What my users now request is, “how did I get to this part in the course”

So in laymen terms they want breadcrumbs like some web based applications have.

And if they click on such a crumb that they jump to the appropriate scene.

Has anybody thought of this and found a solution

Thanks heroes


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Yaki Gordon

Hi Greet

Very important feature indeed.

You can of course make this manually by putting the scene name/slide name on each slide and put trigger on the scene name that will jump the user to the beginning of the scene.

The best solution is if SL will enable to use the scene name and slide name as a parameter that can be placed on the slide. In that way you control the names in one place and they are automatically inserted to the selected place on the slide and of course the menu.



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