Bringing Forward the Forward Button Without Seeming Too Forward

I'm trying to get this interactive slide to only allow the Forward button (that's the Next button renamed to "Forward") to appear after the learner has chosen the two correct pictures. (That would be pictures 2 and 3.)

I can't use the change/state commands as they allow the button to appear even if the learner chooses all four pictures, just so long as it thinks or sees that 2 and 3 are chosen in the lot.

I've tried variables but can't seem to get that to work either.

I shall eagerly await your replies.



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Louise

try this

create two shapes off stage with a normal and visited state,

Set a trigger to change state of first shape to visits when user clicks pic 2 and seta trigger to change second shape to visited when user clicks pic 3.

then set a trigger to change state of forward button to normal when state of both shape 1 and shape 2 are visited

Domenic James

Yeah! It worked! 

But frankly, I don't see how it worked. Can you explain the logic to me? 

I understand that we're telling it to hide the Next (Forward) button when the timeline begins.

But why is the trigger to show it again on the Correct layer and not the main layer? I would have thought that if the learner clicked just one of the correct boxes that it would make the Forward button appear, but indeed, it doesn't.

Thank for you taking a massive stress off me tonight.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Louisa

because you are giving the learner unlimited attempts, they will only see the Correct layer or the Try Again layer before moving on.

If they see the Try Again layer - we want the Next button to stay hidden until they get it right.

If they see the Correct layer, we're ready for them to move on so we make the state change on the Next button when the layer timeline starts and it is visible on the base layer.

I removed all the triggers you had for selecting checkboxes as SL does this automatically - when they click a checkbox it takes on the 'selected' state.

So the logic is:

Change the state of the next button to hidden when the timeline starts - we have the previous and submit buttons active.

The user makes a selection and SL checks that selection.  If Pics 2 and 3 ARE NOT selected, the user gets to try again. The try again layer shows, the Next button remains hidden  and the submit button remains active.

The user tries again - Pics 2 and 3 are selected, the correct layer shows.  We now tell SL to hide the submit button and change state of the next button to Normal so the user can move on.

Hope that helps