Bringing objects or shapes to the front using states

Jun 09, 2015


I have multiple overlapping images in my story. I would like the shape I am hovering over to grow in size and appear  completely in front of the other images.

I have used the hover state for the sizing, is there any way to bring an image to the front whilst it is being hovered over?



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Kevin Thorn

Hi Dean,

If I understand correctly, what you're wanting to do is not possible as traditional thinking would allow. As you know, objects on a slide are either in front or back or somewhere in between based on their relative position in the timeline "stack." So the topmost object in the timeline will always be on top and there's no current way to move them up or down (front or back).

However...there's always a way! 

  • For each image you want this effect, duplicate the slide and ensure the image in question is on top.
  • On the main slide set the trigger to jump to its 'image' slide when mouse hovers over.
  • On the 'image' slide set that image's animation effect to begin when timeline starts.

In theory the mechanics should work, but you may have to fiddle with it to get the achieved experience you're wanting.

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