Bringing value from previous slide to the next


I'm experimenting with articulate now. What I want to do is that the state of an object, is determined by how high value the variable is. 

For example, I have a box with 4 different states. The states changes when the value of the variable changes. If the value is 3, the object changes to state 3. This works great on my first slide. But when I'm at the next slide, the object state is not the same as the value. If I have "state 3" on my last slide, I want my object to be on "state 3" on next. Could anyone help me? 

 Thank you! 

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Khamla Vonsensey

Hi guys! 

Tom: Thanks Tom, but the problem is that the value is different dependent on the choices you make on the last slide. So it is not always 3. I want the state to  be same as the value. 

Paul: Absolutely, thanks for taking the time and helping. I have attached the working file if you want to take a look. All help is much appreciated

Pic 1: I made a simple experiment, you click on the button "1 point" to add a value, "-1 point" to subtract a value. The variable start as value "1"



Pic 2: Here we clicked on "1 point" 3 times. The value is now "4", the state of the object changed to "state 4". Works perfectly

Pic 3: Clicked on "-1 point" once, subtracted the value. Now the value is "3". 

Pic 4: We are now at the next slide. The value of the variable is 3, but the state of the object is 1. I have a trigger that says if the value of variable is 3, the state should change to 3. 

Pic 5: When I click on "-1 point" on slide 2. The value changes on the variable, and the state is correct. But initially, on slide 2 the state of the object is incorrect.


Anyone knows how to solve this issue? 

Thanks / Khamla

Khamla Vonsensey

Hi Wendy! 

Thank you for the help. Solved the issue with a combination of "when timelines starts" and "variable changes". I'll add the working file, if anyone want to see how the issue is solved :) 

Does anyone know if you can put a maximum or minimum value for variables? Like in this case, I don't want the value to be more than 4, and not lower than 0.

Tom Kuhlmann

As you adjust the variable, for example add 1 when clicked, you can add a condition to only do that if the value of the variable is X.

In this case, I'd adjust variable to add 1 on the condition that the variable is less than 4. Once it hits 4, it will no longer add. You can do the same with the other direction.