Broken button states, storyline refuses to fix

Feb 04, 2015

I recently created buttons using one of storyline 2's built in styles; however, at some point storyline decided to remove the different states and keep them as the "normal" state for all. I have tried to bring them back with little to no luck. At one point I got the states to return by selecting a completely different style from what I had before and then switching it back, but when I saved and reopened the file. All the states were gone again. I don't know what caused this issue because earlier I was able to save and reopen the file without the button states breaking. I created/formatted some of the feedback slide masters so I might have done some thing around this time that caused this issue to occur. I have attached a file where this issue occurs.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jai,

I see that the file you shared shows no difference in the states from what the normal state it - but within your file I'm able to make changes to those states and add new buttons with the states. I saved it - and then reopened it and the changes I made were saved but the other button I added did not keep the states. I'm not able to replicate this on a new file - so I'd want to confirm that you're working on project files as described here. 

Jai Basra

I couldn't replicate this issue on a new file either; however, the file I'm having this issue with has a ton of work done in it which I am unable to share with you due to the content. Creating a new file will mean all the work I have done will need to be redone (which is at least a couple of days). I know I could just copy and paste the elements in; however, it still requires a substantial amount of work and it's not guarantee that this issue won't pop up again. Also, I am working on project files as described in the link you provided.

Jai Basra

This didn't work either. The buttons states still broke as described above. The way I got around the issue was to re-create the states individually rather than using the built in styles. It wasn''t ideal but it still saved me from redoing the work.

One other thing I should mentioned is that this issue only seems to occur when you are trying to use button styles that don't have gradients.

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