Broswer issues/Moodle


I have created a storyline file, few text and image screens and a quiz with 3 attempts set in moodle 2.1. I tested it in house with a few users and it works fine however few students have logged the following issues. Can someone help?

Blank Screen on entering Part 1, using IE11, broadband internet

Can’t get into the module- takes her straight to quiz

- can’t type text into quiz answers (using Chrome)

After logging on and starting the training it defected straight to the first question of the quiz and already had incorrect before I entered a response or hit the submit button. I have tried numerous times to log back on but each time the result is the same.

I have attempted to record answers for the online quiz and the answer “box” will not allow me to put in a response.

Any response would be appreciated. 

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