Browser friendly fonts for international access

I am trying to get a template set up for the course I am working on and would appreciate any best practice usage suggestions for fonts.  This course will be international in scope and I know that some third world areas are limited in their internet capability.  I would like to use fonts most likely to be readable on all browsers and yet have at least a little bit of style and variation.  Sorry if this isn't super clear.  I'm new at SL.  Thanks!!!!!

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Christie Pollick
Sylvia Wright

My challenge is that our courses will be viewed in third world countries with limited internet resources and probably with much older OSes and will also have to be translated into at least 30 different languages (one of the reasons I chose SL2 :) ).  I would LOVE to use some neat and artistic fonts, but the practicality of usability is winning out at the moment :(. So I really appreciate all the help here.  Thanks.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sylvia,

It's likely not what you want to hear - but if needed to translate this course a number of times, sticking with a standard, easy, and common font is likely the best course of action. That way you won't likely need to go through and resize text boxes, etc. throughout based on how the text may change or appear with fancier fonts. The default font in Storyline is Open Sans.

Perhaps the artistic elements are brought in through images or overall layout?

Best of luck with your course.