Browser Inconsistencies Continue to Be Very Frustrating

I created an application with a lot of pan and zoom effects for the first time.  I published the application in HTML 5 with Flash backup, and the finished product displays as expected using Edge.  These effects played miserably with use of Chrome, however.  Action was extremely slow and spastic.  I re-published in Flash with HTML 5 backup and performance in Chrome has improved.  Now, I have realized that none of my hover triggers to display a slide layer are working in Chrome.  On the flip side, I incorporated several highlight effects to align text on a slide with and audio file--simple rectangles of gradient color behind text with a "wipe" animation "from left."  After publishing the "wipe" animation does not function in Edge but appears to be fine viewing the application in other browsers.  These inconsistencies are extremely frustrating!         

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Denver. I'd be frustrated too, after going through all that. One issue that I can confirm right away is the use of wipe animations in Edge when viewing the HTML5 output.

We are exploring some differences between Chrome and Internet Explorer regarding how our zoom regions perform.  Also, triggers should be behaving properly no matter what browser you're using.  Are you using Storyline 3?  Where do you normally host your projects after publishing (web, LMS, somewhere else)?

I'd love to have a look at your project file and do some testing in different browsers. Can you share your .story file here?