Browser issue affecting download embedded file

Jun 13, 2013


I have hyperlink/embedded some word files in my course that I want to be opened when a button is clicked. . When using IE the screen flickers when the button is pressed but no download occurs.

If I try Firefox, it works just as expected. To me this proves it is a browser setting. Do you know which setting that might be?

On a related note. Originally I wanted to hyperlink to the file in our LCMS. However, there were sporadic issues when I tested hyperlinking to a url on our LCMS as for 50% of people who tested the course the link did nothing. Might this be the same issue?



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Stanton! If you are trying to preview your contentlocally or share with others, you may experience unexpected behavior.  To properly test, you want to be sure thatyou’re publishing as this article explains.  There is alsoan article that specifically deals with attachments. Additionally, if you’re havingtrouble on your LMS and the project is published correctly, you may want to usesome of the troubleshooting tips in this blog post. Hope this helps!

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