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Jul 04, 2017

Users are experiencing issues when accessing an e-learning course though an LMS.  The course runs without any issues in both Chrome (Version 58) and Firefox (Version 53).

The course does not run with Internet Explorer (Version 11) – without being in compatibility mode (emulation of a previous IE version). The problem appears to be strictly related to the video player page, as I am able to run the flash file directly  without being in compatibility mode.

Has anyone experienced similar issues or have any suggestions to resolve the issue?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there David, thanks for those details. What version of Storyline are you using?

Also, have you tried testing in another LMS environment like SCORM Cloud? That will help determine if the issue lies within your LMS or the actual project file. If you are able to replicate, be sure to send the .story file to us to take a peek.

David Harris

Good day,

We are using Storyline 3. However, we recently upgraded from Storyline 2 and this is the first course uploaded to the LMS created in Storyline 3. There are close to 20 e-learning courses on the LMS and most were created in Storyline 2. This particular course (created in Storyline 3) has been causing some issues.

It works when launched from Google Chrome but is inconsistent when launched in IE. The course has been tested in Scorm Cloud and works fine when launched in Google Chrome. Below is a screen shot of the test result in Scorm Cloud, when launched from IE. The course does not progress beyond the screen you see below with the spinning wheel.


I placed the source file on an ftp site in a folder titled "E-learning test" and instructions to access the ftp site are attached.

Look forward to your feedback.

Kind regards,

David Harris
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Leslie McKerchie

Hi David!

Looks like you may be replying via e-mail here.

That does 2 things:

1. Attaches your e-mail signature, but you are welcome to pop in and edit if needed

2. Does not allow attachments to come through, so we cannot see what you were sharing here

You are welcome to share your .story file if you are able to replicate an issue in SCORM Cloud and wish for us to take a look.

If you cannot share here in the forums, please share privately here.