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Sep 18, 2014


We're using Storyline (1), and I have a course where I'd like the browser to re-size.  In publish settings, I have the following:

* Lock Player at Optimal Size

* Re-size Browser to Optimal Size

The re-size works in IE 11, but I can't get it to initially work in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari.  If I re-size the browser manually the first time, then subsequent launches of the story.html file resize correctly.

I've tested on both Mac OSX 10.75, as well as Windows 8.1.  Anyone have any tricks or workarounds?

Thanks much!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brian,

I just wanted to offer further explanation of how those elements work, as "resize browser to optimal size" is always a confusing one...

  • Browser size of "Resize browser to fill screen," which will automatically resize the learner's browser to fill the whole screen.

  • Browser size set to "Display at user's current browser size," when the course launches, it'll display in a browser window at whatever size the learner's browser is currently set to.

  • Browser size set to "Resize browser to optimal size," when the course launches it'll automatically resize the learner's browser to match the course's optimal size. The optimal size is whatever you've chosen as the story size, plus any additional height or width to accommodate the course player.

As far as the player is concerned:

  • Scale player to fill browser window: This causes your published course to fill the user's browser window.
  • Lock player at optimal size: This locks the published course at its optimal size—and even if learners resize their browser window, the course itself will stay at the optimal size. The optimal size is whatever you've chosen as the story size, plus any additional height or width to accommodate the course player. Depending on the features and controls you've included on your player, the player can add between 20 and 260 pixels to the width of your course, and between 20 and 118 pixels to the height. If you need help understanding the features and controls available on your player, check out this tutorial.
Mike Fox

I'm having the same problem Brian is... "Resize browser to optimal size" only seems to work in IE on the PC.  It doesn't seem to work in any of the other browsers, Mac or PC.  

The browser window stays the same size, it doesn't resize as expected, so if I have a small browser window upon startup, I only see a small portion of the stage.

 I believe I've set the option correctly by going to Player ->Other->Resize browser to optimal size  and also selecting "Lock Player at optimal size" below that.    

Does this feature still work?  And if so, what do I need to do to make it work?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike,

Sorry I was off yesterday and missed this - the Storyline 1 information is here and it's the same in terms of what you can do with browser/player size. 

If you're seeing a display issue could you let us know what settings you've used, where you're hosting your course (web, LMS, etc.) and what browser versions and Flash you're using to view the published content?

Mike Fox

Sure thing, here’s the URL to a presentation I’m currently working on…

I’ve got the storyline file settings set to:
Browser Size: Resize Browser to Optimal Size
Player Size: Lock Player at Optimal Size

…but it doesn’t resize the browser at all. Tested this in Safari, Chrome and Firefox on the Mac, and IE, Chrome and Firefox on the PC.

Thanks for any suggestions you can give me on rectifying the situation.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the project link. I see the behavior you're referring to, and did a bit more digging and found that this was something shared with our QA team and it seems that IE may be the only browser which allows for the resizing to occur based on the Storyline settings - the other browsers use the users settings to override. You may want to include directions to your users in regards to the size of the browser or settings that they should use - for example if I open the course with a full screen browser, since the player is locked at the optimal size - there won't be any scaling or display issues and the player will be centered within my browser window. 

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