Browser Settings versus AS2 Settings

Feb 26, 2016

Hi everyone.

I am trying to find the best "player" setting that will accommodate all browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) in order for an Articulate Storyline 2 LMS Publish.  For example, I have tried "browser size - resize browser to full screen and scale to fit browser window.   Works great in IE, but not in Chrome (scrolling bar on the right) and Firefox (scrolling bar on the right)

Any suggestions?

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Brian Allen

A lot of this comes down to preference, and audience.

I've never personally been a fan of taking over the entire screen with my content, so I never choose full screen options.

I always advocate the following settings - 

  • Browser size - Resize browser to optimal size
  • Player size - Lock player at optimal size
  • Do not launch player in new window (makes things messy in our LMS)

These settings create a consistent experience for us across OS, browser and device.

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